6:37 am , October 27, 2016

Shortcuts for faster twitter Navigation.

twitter lowendtech shortcuts

Shortcuts for faster twitter Navigation.   Twitter nowdays one of the most popular social site on the internet. People are doing tweets are sharing their thoughts and information to others. If you are a twitter user and you are searching for some short keys to access it better then you are at the right place. We are here to share ... Read More »

Play Pokemon Go without going anywhere.

Pokemon go hack

Play Pokemon Go without going anywhere. Pokémon Go is a free-to-play location-based, augmented reality game developed and published by Niantic for iOS and Android devices. It was initially released in selected countries in July 2016. In the game, players use a mobile device’s GPS capability to locate, capture, battle, and train virtual creatures, called Pokemon, who appear on the screen as if they were in the same ... Read More »

Shortcuts for faster Facebook Navigations

Facebook Shortcuts

Shortcuts for faster Facebook Navigations Nowdays Facebook is the biggest Social network on the internet.,So it is obvious that billions of people are using facebook on their daily routine,and it has millions of online users every time. Some of them are using facebook on their mobile like, JAVA, android, iphone, Blackberry etc and  some of them are using facebook on ... Read More »

USSD Codes for All Networks

USSD Codes

USSD Codes for All Networks USSD codes are known as “Unstructured Supplementary Service Data” That are used by GSM cellular to communicate with the telecom service provider. USSD codes are use to configure mobile on the network which provides menu based information. USSD codes have to much importance they provide us the platform to know our Main balace, to check ... Read More »

Android’s Latest Version Nougat Going To Launch Soon


Android is the most used OS in mobiles as Windows OS is most used in computers. Similar like Windows the heart of computers, android has done similar thing and now the heart of mobile phones. Android has now the largest market share in world. Android is able to do this because Android is open source OS and programmers feels freedom ... Read More »

How To Get Unlimited 4G Data For Free

how to get unlimited 4g data free

    In this time of technology many things has arrived and one of the thing is 4G/LTE internet connection. 4G is in trend today as its speed of downloading/uploading is very fast. Airtel has also introduced to its 4G network and is available in many regions. Idea has also launched their 4G band in several states. Cost of 4G ... Read More »

How To Watch Movies/Videos Online In VLC Media Player

how to watch movies online in vlc media player

Watching movies online is in trend these days as you can watch video online without saving them into your device. Youtube is the biggest and widest way using which you can watch movies online without saving them into your device. Many websites too provides environment for watching movies/videos online. It saves you time and you can watch them if you ... Read More »

How To Delete Windows.Old Folder After Installing Windows

how to delete windows.old folder

Windows OS is the most powerful and used computer software in all over the world. Its simplicity and features makes it the first choice of users. You can find many articles related to Windows OS in our website which is very helpful. Many of users are facing a problem that after installing a new copy of Windows in their PC ... Read More »

Safety Tips For Pokemon GO Players

how to change name in pokemon go

Pokemon GO is now the biggest trending game. It’s a virtual reality type game in which you have to catch pokemons. There are many news coming from many places like “Person Arrested While Playing Pokemon GO” “Person Injured While Playing Pokemon GO” etc. So here at LowEndTech we cares about our readers so we are sharing with you top safety ... Read More »

[Solved]GPS Not Found In Pokemon GO Problem

pokemon go tips

Pokemon GO is in trend these days as players found more fun in playing this game. Pokem go is virtual reality game and uses GPS location in order to track user information and to provide Pokemon  in particular way. Pokemon GO is available for Android&iOS devices.   Sometimes many users faces a problem like GPS not found. It can be ... Read More »